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OUTASK Telescopic Lantern- Rechargeable Portable Work Light, Waterproof

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Shop Rechargeable Portable Work Light, Waterproof

720° Rotating Lighting
720° Rotating Lighting Head

720° Rotating Lighting Head

The lamp head of ouTask can rotate horizontally without limitation and flip vertically, providing you with more than 720° of three-dimensional lighting capability, which is the first-ever in all previous battery operated outdoor lights. The rotating rechargeable lights are cost-effective, as you don't need to get new ones constantly.

Magnetic Design

Magnetic Design

With 6 built-in Nd strong magnetic, to provide super suction. We have designeda magnetic work light stand that will provide hands-free lighting. It typically consists of a portable light source mounted on a stand equipped with magnets. The stand's magnets enable it to be firmly fixed to metal surfaces, offering a steady and movable lighting option.

Movable Street Light

Movable street light for versatile outdoor settings.

Height Camp Lights

As a fly fishing gear at night.

Camp Lights

Just One Click

To open the tripod and build height camp lights anytime anywhere

Flash Deployment in Night

Flash Deployment: Save the step of refitting jeep light bar, enjoy a broader illumination.

Flexible Lighting Range

Flexible Lighting Range

OUTASK can change different lighting ranges by adjusting the pole's brightness, shape, and height. Also, by using car roof lights, you can have a wider illuminated view of the area during dark nights. This emergency lighting for cars will be your guardian angle on all of the high and low tracks.
If you are looking for a shotgun flashlight and tactical flashlights for your upcoming adventure, OUTASK can be your ultimate choice.

More Secure Sos Mode

More Secure SOS Mode

The integrated tripod makes SOS lighting stand out even more, for higher warning light is easier to spot incoming cars, thus keeping dangers at bay. This feature is unmatched by the ground and hand-held caution light.

IPX7 & IPX6 Waterproof

IPX7 & IPX6 Waterproof

The main body of the product has an IPX6 waterproof rating, with any level of heavy rain will not erode its integrity. The head and pole of the lamp can even be immersed in the water to detect aquatic creatures.

For every screw and spring, we use 304 Stainless Steel, which will never rust in a humid environment (but this version does not resist seawater corrosion and needs to be cleaned with fresh water after contact with seawater)

Safety Battery and Mobile Power Bank

High Temperature Resistance Safety Battery & Mobile Power Bank

The 12000mAh safe lithium battery approved by the authoritative CNAS organization can with stand high temperatures of 60℃(140℉) Celsius. And a power bank function with 18W fast charging.





Unfold: 10.23*36.61in/26*93cm

Body Material

ABS+PC、Aluminium Alloy

Waterproof Level

Light Head & Pole:IPX7


Drop Test

Folding mode:0.8 meters

Temperature Test

4° to 140° F (-20° to 60° C)

Color Temperature

Warm light 3000K/±10%
Cold light: 6500K/±10%

Lighting Levels

Low Mode: 65H for 40Lumens

Medium Mode: 17h+Low3h for 250Lumens

High Mode: 6.5h+Low7h for 500Lumens

Battery Capacity

3.7V 12000mAh (44.4Wh)

Charging Time

5H Fully Charge (18W)


5V-3A / 9V-2A / 12V-1.5A

Rechargeable Camping Lights: Enjoy Brighter Moments On A Darker Night.

Multi-purpose Camping Lantern:

This portable outdoor light is a perfect means of lighting up your space during emergency power outages, hurricanes, and storms. Whether you are an adventurous person who adores spending nights in the forest camping or live where hurricanes and thunderstorms are common, choosing Outtask portable camping light is the smartest option.

Adjustable & Rechargeable work light:

You can utilize this portable work light as a tent light, backpack light, table light, or tripod light for various purposes like outdoor hiking, camping, BBQ, home parties, picnics, fishing, emergency outrages, indoor patio, etc. Moreover, it is a great alternative to traditional camping lights. It comes with a 3-section telescopic pole with an overall length of twenty-eight inches and attractive features like convenient storage collapsible design, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

Better Lighting Technology

Portable camping lanterns are compact rechargeable lights that use LED light and can be recharged through the USB port. They are extremely useful, especially when traveling or hiking, due to their compact size and portability. These rechargeable camping lights are potent high-suspension lanterns used to illuminate an entire campsite recharge from conventional 3-pin AC outlets. You can even recharge these portable outdoor lights using solar energy or with a hand crank that you find on the bulbs when you are still outside.

Incredible Mobile Lights:

An adjustable work light that comes with rechargeable batteries provides the following advantages over one using disposable batteries: The camping light has a 12000mAh battery, and it is not only used for continuous light during camping but also to charge your phone in case it runs out of charge during the camping trip. Battery life is from 9 to 20 hours, depending on whether the brightness of the light is set to lower or higher.

Waterproof light:

You can operate this telescopic lantern where there is water involvement. This reveals its IPX7 certification, which means it can be submerged in water under low pressure to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. Classification IPX6 also defends against mighty, emphatic water jets that fall parallel to the surface of the water. Due to these characteristics, it is suitable for use in activities like boating, camping, fishing, and other activities that demand the use of a trailer. This one can be pulled out from 7” to 37” through an opening/telescopic mechanism that directs light on a certain area of interest.

Adjustable Brightness & Color:

This product comes with power control, supporting three levels of brightness and changing between cool-to-warmer light, letting the user adjust to the best light. This sort of light offers full-spectrum lighting that can be easily customized to the user’s needs in the home, the workplace, and the studio.

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