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OUTASK Commemorative Version

Sale price$199.00
OUTASK Commemorative Version
OUTASK Commemorative Version Sale price$199.00
Outask's Industrial Design

Global Limited Edition Black Version

OUTASK began its R&D plan in spring 2021. Launched crowdfunding project in summer 2022.6,856 backers pledged $968,554 to bring the Kickstarter and Indiegogo project to life. It took about 16 months to complete after the crowdfunding closed. Before OUTASK was born, there was no Telescopic Lantern in the world. It was the support of 6856 backers that turned Telescopic Lantern from an idea into reality. That's why we're launching this special edition to commemorate the amazing achievement we've made together.

Telescopic Lantern Body

This special version is presented in a solemn black color throughout the body, with the details of internal industrial design revealed in different light changes to reflect OUTASK's highest standards for industrial design. This version will only be sold out of 6856 units worldwide.

Startup Mode

The motherboard light will pulse and flash like a heartbeatin standby or startup mode.

To all our backers and outdoor enthusiasts: the spirit of the outdoors is to stand firm in the face of adversity, to make a path through thorns and thistles, to take the helm amid the waves, and to keep the direction the same.

Powder Spraying Technology

The black radiator uses Powder Spraying Technology, whichis more environmentally friendly and scratch-resistant.

More environmental value

We faced numerous challenges and had to seek assistancefrom others to overcome the urgent moment, but finally,with the help of our industry partners, we managed to live.Supporting environmental causes is the most important thing that OUTASK should do after living. This version will use more eco-friendly materials and processes to reduce the product's environmental impact during production.

Polished Stainless Steel

The bottom stand is polished stainless steel in its originalcolor

Environmental Value

Birth Story of OUTASKInscribed Here

The story of OUTASK's birth is revealed when the telescopic light is exposed to sunlight or soaked in rain. This is the power source that enables this lantern to light up, and it is alsothe origin of OUTASK. As the external environment becomesmore and more harsh, we will remember it more and more.